Exhibitions and publications

Vision And Intuition, The Reason For Art. Italy 2021

Cut Me Up Magazine. USA, 2021

Politics in Collage. USA, 2022

Transitional Moments. USA, 2021

Politics in Collage. USA, 2022

El cuidado en el espejo by Felipe Ruete. Uruguay, 2022

  • "Compression" Vayo Collage Gallery. May 2021, New York, USA.

  • "Vision And Intuition, The Reason For Art", Santa Teresa dei Maschi Gallery. May 2021, Italy.

  • "Community" Horror Vacui Magazine Issue 1. May 2021, Chile.

  • "Hope" Fragmented Collage Collective. Online exhibition. May 2021.

  • "Enfrascados" Red Collage Venezuela. Online exhibition. May 2021.

  • "Distance",  Lacuna Festivals. July - August  2021. Lanzarote, Spain.

  • "The Burnout Society" Red Collage Peru. Online Exhibition, May 2021, Peru.

  • "We Are All Disposable" Eje Central, Online Exhibition, May 2021, Mexico.

  • Cut Me Up Magazine Issue 7 "Solve et Coagula". July 2021. USA.

  • "Disruption" South West Collage Collective. July 2021,  Portland, UK.

  • "Collages In The Villa Rothmayer Garden" August 2021, Czechia.

  • "Allegories, Renditions, and a Small Nation of Women" Yale University, Oct 2021, USA.

  • Polemical Zine Issue 17: Home. November 2021

  • "Politics in Collage" exhibition and publication by Kolaj Magazine. 2022, USA.

  • Book cover for "El cuidado en el espejo" by Felipe Ruete 2022, Uruguay.